As the term implies a full maintenance lease is one that not only provides the financial benefits of leasing but includes any or all of the services listed below for a specified period of time and a fixed cost. Each lease is tailored to the particular needs of the customer and allows him to better anticipate transportation expense and eliminate down time.


  • agrees to procure and pay all premiums for Public Liability and Property Damage insurance for the protection of LESSEE and OWNER, to cover any and all claims, demands and causes of action for injury to person, including death, and damage to property of third persons caused by and arising out of or occurring in connection with the use or operation of said vehicles with the following limits $_________ per person for Bodily Injury - $_________ per accident for Bodily Injury - $_________ per accident for Property Damage. If LESSEE furnishes limits stated herein are minimum limits and OWNER shall be furnished certificates showing coverage. If OWNER furnishes, it agrees to furnish such insurance only if available from a mutually satisfactory insurance company.
  • agrees to be responsible for the first $_________ of any collision damage repair expense or loss to leased vehicle in any one accident. (All wrecker charges are paid by LESSEE)
  • furnishes full Fire and Theft protection on the leased vehicles. ANY INSURANCE IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE IS FURNISHED BY LESSEE AT LESSEE'S EXPENSE.


  • furnishes fuel. All fuel purchased by LESSEE from others at an amount per gallon equal to OWNER'S cost of similar fuel at OWNER'S service facility.
  • furnishes original painting and repainting during the term of the lease.
  • furnishes original lettering and relettering with each job not to exceed a cost of $____________.
  • furnishes washings of vehicles.
  • furnishes oil, oil changes and greasing as necessary for efficient operation.
  • furnishes maintenance, parts and labor, necessary to keep the vehicles in good operating condition.
  • furnishes tires, tire repairs and tire replacement except for damage to tires run while flat.
  • furnishes substitute vehicles.
  • furnishes storage.

It is mutually agreed that all materials and services furnished by OWNER shall be at OWNER'S direction and such necessary and emergency purchases by LESSEE shall be subject to OWNER'S authorization procedures.